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The main content of Looking at the Opera

This article mainly wrote “I” to watch the drama created by Comrade Mei Lanfang in the theater. It expresses the love of “I” for drama and the deep respect for Comrade Mei Lanfang . Original text: The curtains on the stage of “Looking at the Opera” are separated, the music is played, and the actors step on the tempo of the music and walk to the front of the footlights in a solemn and rhythmic manner.

The lights shine on their colorful silk embroidery and headwear, sparking a splendid rainbow. This misty sea suddenly appeared in a tower. There are songs and dances in there; there are joys and sorrows, there are also clutches; there are loyalty and traitors; there are determinations and doubts; there is the spirit of sacrifice of the Grand Duke, and there are also selfish personal plans. But what dominates this is the enthusiasm of being loyal and for the country.

This kind of enthusiasm was expressed in a concentrated and concrete manner in Mu Guiying. When the heroine came out with light and healthy steps, Skeem Saam the calm sea suddenly swelled up, and there was a storm on it. The audience thundered like this electric hero. applause. She started singing. Her mellow voice trembled in the night sky, sounding distant and close, seemingly soft and awkward. The lyrics are like a bead from her smile, from her elegant “sleeve”, from her graceful body, rolling down one by one, dripping on the ground, splashing into the air, falling into each In a person’s heart, it causes a far-reaching echo.

This echo could not be heard, but it drowned out the violent applause that just rushed. The audience, like a demon, suddenly became silent. They can see God. Their thoughts and feelings blend with the thoughts and feelings of the heroine on the stage. With the development of the plot, the heroine’s song and dance gradually entered a climax. The emotions of the audience have gradually entered a climax. The tide is rising. No one can control it. This once calm sea of ​​people suddenly expanded. The play is about to reach the apex at this time. Our heroine is also like a blooming flower at this time, the audience wants to hold this flower in their hands, not letting it disappear. They all rose up from the seats, and it was like a tide, and it was in front of our artist. The audience is mingling with him.

In 1938, he was engaged in international propaganda work in the third chamber of the Political Department of the Wuhan National Government . In the same year, he participated in the establishment of the Chinese National Literary and Art Circle Anti-enemy Association . He edited the English publication “Chinese Writers” in Hong Kong and served as a teacher at Chongqing University , Central University and Fudan University. In 1944, he was employed as a lecturer in the Chinese Anti-Japanese War .

He was a European Literature Researcher at the British College of Cambridge University . He returned to China in 1949. He has served as a professor at Fu Jen University, Director of the Compilation Division of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, and Associate Editor of Chinese Literature. Secretary of the Secretariat of the Chinese Writers Association, director of the Chinese and Foreign Literature Exchange Committee. Member of the Central Committee of the Chinese Democratic League, the third National People’s Congress, member of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. full text

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